Attendance Policies

Attendance is one of the most powerful predictors of academic achievement.
Regular school attendance is key to student success. Every day in the classroom provides rich learning experiences and opportunities for students to ask questions, observe and get help from teachers. Havasupai Elementary School is making a special effort to ensure that students fully benefit from their education by reducing absences.
School Policy and State Laws
  • We must send you letters regarding tardiness and absences for five, ten, and fifteen days. Please contact us if we can do anything to support your child's attendance.
  • We are required to follow Arizona Statue 15-803 when a student is considered truant. If the number of excused and unexcused absent days exceeds 10% of the number of required attendance days or 18 days, the LHUSD school resource officer may cite parents for truancy.

Any student who is not in the classroom by the second bell (8:00 am) is tardy.

All tardy students must check into the front office for a "tardy pass".

If your child has a Doctor/Dental appointment, please send a written excuse from the Doctor with your child to the front office.